Get actionable data-based recommendations at your fingertips.

No more charts. No more downloadable reports. Get personalized and curated advice to save you time.

Your time is money. Take control of it.

View your current POS sales as well as all the features of the RecTable Suite in one place.


All-in-one analytics suite designed to help save you time and boost your profits.

Demand Forecasting

Get actionable and simple recommendations to boost your revenue with our holistic demand forecast.

Staffing Optimization

Apply our recommendations to take the guess-work out of staffing.

Item Trends

Capitalize on items that sell better together.

Promotional Analysis

Generate new promotions that are proven by data to increase sales.

Wait Time Analysis

Pinpoint bottlenecks in your operations and improve the customer experience.

Reservation Optimization

Discover customer spend based on factors like party size and optimize table allocation.